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3D Scanning

Using high-end laser scanners, photogrammetry and years of experience we digitize objects of any shape or size. A great benefit of 3D scanning is the archival of objects or places in extremly fine detail.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality overlays digital information anchored in the real world. Do you want to show visitors historical objects damaged by time in their former glory? Or let your customers try a product from the comfort of their own home. With powerful mobile devices becoming commonplace, and through careful optimization of 3D content these possibilities have become a reality.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality in combination with beautifully scanned 3D environments will carry you into a world, where anything is possible. Whether you need to safely train employees about dangerous situations or just want to visit unusual places you would never be able see otherwise.
Together, we can make VR do what's best for you.
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Who are we?

We are a AR/VR studio, combining years of experience in the VFX and advertising industry with a team of highly skilled developers. We take pride in always delivering above expectations. Because More is More.